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  • The Japanese Ministry of Defence has asked Shinzo Abe’s government to approve its largest-ever budget, and one that would mark the eighth consecutive spending increase since Abe returned to the Shusho ...
  • Clarion brings tri-service defence show to Asia

  • Under Japan's post-war constitution, quickly coined as the ‘Peace Constitution,’ Japan outlawed the act of war as a means to settle international disputes, whilst armed forces designed for outwards ex ...
  • In December 2018, Japan’s government announced a record US$47 billion defence budget for the fiscal year starting in April 2019. By 2023, it hoped that overall spending on defence would reach the $240 ...
  • It was announced in April 2019 – in move symbolic of Japan’s growing desire to play a leading role on the world stage – that the SDF would be deploying a contingent of personnel to the Sinai Peninsula ...
  • As the high seas of the Indo-Pacific become ever more congested with submarines, overlapping missile ranges, modernising fleets, commercial ships and ever-present tensions brewing over territorial sov ...
  • The Japanese Ministry of Defence is planning to strengthen its posture in space given the mounting importance, and vulnerability, of its key space assets such as satellites. Their proneness to hacking ...
  • DSEI Japan will feature a three-day conference running alongside the exhibition, featuring premium content and internationally respected speakers. Led by conference chairman, Masanori Nishi, Former Administrative Vice-Minister of Defence, the conference will consider the key issues faced by the countries of the Asia-Pacific region as they work to promote stabilisation and cooperation between nations.

  • Two Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) officers visited the UK in May at a Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX) for Operation TRENTON, the UK’s contribution to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

  • Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt visited Tokyo this week, to discuss future trade arrangements between Britain and Japan.
  • Nearly 100 aircraft and 3,000 personnel from the United States, Japan and Australia participated in Cope North, an annual exercise which ran until 8th March at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.
  • Vietnam’s Deputy Defence Minister and Military Chief of Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army Phan Van Giang made an official visit to Japan at the beginning of March at the official invitation of the Ch ...
  • Details have emerged about Japan’s development of a next-generation amphibious armoured fighting vehicle.

  • Japan Purchases two Aegis Weapon Systems

    The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency has agreed the US$2.15 billion sale of two Aegis Weapon Systems to Japan. Over the next 5 years, Japan’s defence budget is expected to reach a record $242bn – which includes the Aegis systems.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports DSEI Japan

    Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the cabinet office tasked with developing foreign relationships, has officially lent their support to DSEI Japan.

  • Japan has said it is willing to offer new defence equipment, which would include aircraft and vessels to Malaysia as part of enhanced bilateral security ties.
  • Japan will release a five-year defence plan expected to reach $240 billion
  • It has been reported that the Japanese government will upgrade its two existing Izumo-class helicopter carriers so they are able to transport and launch fighter jets.
  • Interview with Alex Soar, International Development Director, Clarion Events
  • Clarion Defence & Security and Crisis Intelligence Japan have today announced the signing of an agreement under which both parties will collaborate to launch and operate Japan’s first tri-service defe ...