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19 - 21 May 2021

Makuhari Messe

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Gen Nakatani

Gen Nakatani

Member of the House of Representatives, Former Minister of Defense
  • National Defense Academy of Japan


  • Ground Self-Defense Official (First Lieutenant)
  • Minister of Defense
  • Minister in charge of Security Legislation
  • Manager, Commission on the Constitution, HR
  • Special Advisor to Secretary-General, LDP
  • Chairperson, Promotion Headquarters for the National Security Legislative Amendments and Establishment, LDP
  • Acting Chairperson, Election Strategy Committee, LDP


Parliamentary Friendship Association Attached
  • Japan-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Association
  • Japan-Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Friendship Association


Area of Interest
  • Security
  • Regional Revitalization
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries