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21 - 23 MAY 2025

DSEI Japan 2023 Conference


Defense of Nuclear Facilities and Nuclear Security "What do we learn from the Russian military attack on Ukraine's nuclear facilities?"

16 Mar 2023

Russia's military attack and occupations of civilian nuclear facilities such as the Chernobyl and Zaporizhian Nuclear Power Plants in Ukraine have shocked the world and have yet to be resolved. Although military attacks against such civilian nuclear facilities are currently prohibited under the Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions, no measures or rules have been established to deal with such attacks in the event they actually occur. As of January 1, 2021, there are 434 nuclear power plants in operation in 31 countries worldwide (According to Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Trends in Global Nuclear Power Development 2021), nuclear power plants may similarly become targets of wars and armed conflicts in the future, so rules must be promptly established under international law, etc., and countermeasures must be considered.

In this context, we will discuss the problems and issues related to Russia's attack on Ukraine's nuclear facilities, and consider the defense of nuclear facilities and nuclear security.


Contents of Discussion

  • Status of Russian Attack on Nuclear Facilities in Ukraine
  • The dysfunction of the UN Security Council (The brutal act by a permanent member of the UN Security Council,which is a nuclear power and should set a benchmark for the world, showed that even a legally binding UN Security Council resolution is completely meaningless and ineffective.)
  • The role of the IAEA in this case
  • The setting of rules in international law, Geneva Convention
  • Defense of Nuclear Facilities and Nuclear Security
  • Use of Military Forces in Facilities for Peaceful Use of Nuclear Weapons
  • What is the role of international organizations in military actions against nuclear facilities?(UN Security Council (including resolutions, UN forces, PKO, etc.), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), International Criminal Court (ICC), etc.)
板橋 功 (Mr Isao Itabashi), 公共政策調査会研究センター長 Chief of Institute for Analysis and Studies, Chief Analyst - Council for Public Policy (CPP)