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Visitor Registration

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Visitor Registration

Proof of ID

In order for your DSEI registration to be verified you will need to upload a current photo of yourself and proof of ID*. The photo is for identification purposes - use passport rules as guidance. ID documents accepted include passport, national ID card, photo driving license and Military ID.

If you are registering as an 'Individual' or 'Press' and do not have these documents to hand you are still able to register for DSEI Japan and return at a later date to upload your documents using a unique link which will be sent to you via email. Please be advised that confirmation of your registration cannot be made until all the required documents are uploaded.

If you are registering a 'Group' you should ensure that you have a photo of each attendee and an electronic copy of their ID. You will not be able to complete the registration process without these documents.

*Your ID will automatically be deleted from our systems as soon as you have been verified.

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