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Travel Procedures

Travel Procedures


Currently, entry into Japan is restricted. In order to enter Japan, you must apply for entry and receive a permit from the Japanese government.

It is expected to take more than a month from you start the application process until the permit is granted, so please complete the application process by mid-December.

If there is no one responsible for the application, you can apply through our Japanese partner Crisis Intelligence.

If there is a delay in applying for entry, there is a possibility that the VISA will not be issued in time.

Instructions and guidance to assist you in obtaining permission to travel to Japan for DSEI Japan

The below document will pictorially show you the procedure of when you apply for permission to travel all the way through to what happens when you land in Japan until the day you leave to travel back to your home destination.

Procedures for entry into Japan


The below document explains in detail who will be permitted access to Japan and should you wish to use DSEI Japan as your “host” a pledge form that must be signed as well as a link to a google doc where you can start your application.

Entry procedures


Note that, due to the volume of applications being dealt with by the Japanese Government it is expected that the application process from submission to approval will take up to 1 month. Only after receipt of your permit to travel can you apply for your visa. On this basis we would highly recommend that you complete your application to travel - either via your own host or via DSEI Japan - as soon as possible ideally by the 30 November and no later than the 7 December.