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15-17 March 2023

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田邉 揮司良 (Mr Kishiro Tanabe)

田邉 揮司良 (Mr Kishiro Tanabe)

前東京都危機管理監, Former Director General for Crisis Management, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

田邉揮司良(たなべ きしろう)

Kishirō TANABE
Graduated from the National Defence Academy, Kishirō TANABE joined the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force of Japan in 1980. Within the JGSDF, he served in different command positions throughout Japan and in East Timor as part of the PKO forces. After the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, he supervised logistics for about 70,000 JGSDF units as the equipment manager of the Land Staff Division. He then built a nationwide support scheme for civilian aid. After retiring in March 2015 from his position as the inspector general of the Northern Army, he became the director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Crisis Management Office and was involved in the formation of the “Guidelines for ensuring safety and security at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games”.Kishirō TANABE is also a doctor in seismic engineering, having completed his PhD at Kobe University Graduate School.
February 2003: Head, 3rd Japanese regiment for East Timor
December 2003: Assistant Division Manager, Human Resources Department, Ground Staff Office
2006: Head, 5th Engineer Brigade, JGSDF
2007: General Manager, Tokyo Provincial Cooperation Office
2009: Manager, Equipment Division, Ground Staff Office
2011: Head, 9th division, JGSDF
2012: Executive secretary, National Defense Academy of Japan
2013: Inspector General, Japan Northern Army, JGSDF
March 2015: Retired from JGSDF
April 2015: Director, Tokyo Metropolitan Crisis Management Office
October 2018: Retired from Tokyo Metropolitan Crisis Management Office