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15-17 March 2023

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渡辺 秀明 (Mr Hideaki Watanabe)

渡辺 秀明 (Mr Hideaki Watanabe)

初代防衛装備庁長官, Former Commissioner of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency, Ministry of Defense

昭和 54 年慶応大学卒、同年防衛庁に入庁し、防衛庁技術研究本部においてレーダ技術及び電子戦技術の研究開発等に従事。

以後、平成 14 年管理局航空機課通信電子課長、平成 20 年技術研究本部電子装備研究所研究企画官、平成 21 年技術研究本部総務部長、平成 23 年大臣官房技術監、平成 25 年技術研究本部長を歴任。

平成 27 年10 月、我が国の拡大する防衛装備行政の諸課題に対応すべく防衛装備庁が発足、初代防衛装備庁長官として着任。 

29 年 7 月 退官、 29 年 9 月 政策研究大学院大学客員研究員、 29年11月多摩大学客員教授、30年8 月SBIホールディングス株式会社顧問

Dr. Hideaki Watanabe was the first commissioner for ATLA (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency) which was newly established in October, 2015 to work on wide variety of defense acquisition issues. Dr. Watanabe has held directorship positions at MOD’s (Ministry of Defense) R&D departments, such as Director General for Technology in Minister’s Secretariat (2011~ ), Director General for TRDI (Technical Research and Development Institute) (2013~ ). He started his career in TRDI-MOD, as a researcher on radar technology & electric warfare technology. Dr. Watanabe majored in Electrical Engineering and obtained a doctorate in that field at Keio University in 1987. He retired in July, 2017. He joined National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies as a visiting scholar.in September 2017. He joined Tama University as a visiting professor in November 2017 He joined SBI Holdings Inc. as an advisor in August 2018.