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岩﨑 茂 (Retired General Shigeru Iwasaki)

岩﨑 茂 (Retired General Shigeru Iwasaki)

元統合幕僚長, Former Chief of Staff, Joint Staff Vice-Chairman, DSEI Executive Committee

岩﨑 茂 (イワサキ シゲル)
元航空自衛官 空将 
防衛大学校航空工学専攻 1975年卒, 航空自衛隊では戦闘機パイロットとして勤務し約100回に及ぶロシア・中国機等に対する対領空侵犯措置任務(scramble)の経験を有し、第2航空団司令、航空総隊司令官、第31代航空幕僚長、第4代統合幕僚長、防衛大臣政策参与等を歴任し、昨年は政府主催の「安全保障と防衛力に関する懇談会」memberとして「新防衛計画の大綱」策定に係るとともに全国各地での講演活動を行ってきている。

Retired General, Japan Air Self-Defense Force 
Graduated from National Defense Academy of Japan with aeronautical engineering major. In Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Shigeru Iwasaki had served as a fighter pilot, and he has experience of approximately 100 missions of countermeasures against violation of national airspace (scramble) against Russian and Chinese fighter aircraft.
He took command of the 2nd Air Wing, then served as commander of Air Defense Command, the 31st Chief of Staff of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, and then Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff.
Last year, as a member of “The Council on Security and Defense Capabilities” hosted by the government, Mr. Iwasaki was involved in the modification of the “New National Defense Program Outlines” and has been giving lectures nationwide.