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08 May 2020

Japanese Army acquires newest self-propelled howitzers

Dylan Malyasov, Defence Blog
Japanese Army acquires newest self-propelled howitzers
Photo by 麻陳豆腐 @WT250E

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force is to receive the newest long-range self-propelled howitzer based on a military truck chassis.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense has plans to procure a batch of seven Type 19 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers in 2020, according to a document entitled Defense Programs and Budget of Japan. In its document said that Japan’s government plans to spend $44 million (¥4.7 billion) to buy new howitzers.

The new 155 mm/52 calibre wheeled self-propelled howitzers, which is manufactured by Japan Steel Works, features an automatic gun-laying system, a semi-automatic ammunition loading system.

As the successor of the existing 155mm field howitzer, the new Type 19 wheeled self-propelled howitzer is capable for the operation with quick and maneuverin various situations, according to the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

The new artillery system is a hybrid of the wheeled truck chassis, with a 155mm long-range gun that is equipped with the on-board computation, inertial navigation and aiming systems. It is designed to replace the service’s ageing fleet of existing 155mm FH-70 towed artillery systems.

The Army Recognition said the Type 19 has a crew of five with three soldiers seated in the crew cab and two additional seats in a cabin located in the middle of the truck chassis.