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The Freedom of Navigation in the Indo-Pacific Region: Maintaining and Enhancing Free and Open Maritime Order

18 Nov 2019
Seminar A

The freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region
~Maintaining and enhancing free and open maritime order~

1. Characteristics of Maritime Geopolitics
(1) Use of Oceans: Commerce, Transport, Resources, Strategic Sea Areas
(2) Freedom of Navigation and the Rule of Law
(3) Military Advantage in the Oceans

2. China’s Maritime Progress
(1) A Maritime Focus: Navy Modernization and Maritime Progress
(2) South China Sea Artificial Islands and Military Deployment
(3) The Senkaku Islands Issue
(4) Balancing in the First and Second Island Chains: MRBM and IRBM
(5) Approaching Salomon Islands: The Third Island Chain?
(6) The Taiwan Strait and China-Taiwan Relations

3. Russia’s Maritime Strategy And NATO
(1) Russia’s Maritime Progress
(2) NATO’s Maritime Strategy
(3) Europe And the Indo-Pacific Region: Differences in Characteristics and Responses
(4) Importance of the Artic Sea

4. The U.S’ Indo-Pacific Strategy
(1) The U.S Navy Development and Joint Military Exercises in the Indo-Pacific Region
(2) The Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) and the Belt and Road Initiative
(3) The Military Balance Post-INF

5. Situation in the Middle-East and Gulf Area
(1) Activities around the Persian Gulf: Iran’s Attacks and the Holmes Strait
(2) The Maritime Security Initiative and the Regional Countries’ Responses

6. Japan’s Maritime Defense Concept
(1) The Development of Maritime Defense Capabilities
(2) Maritime and Air Defence on The Pacific Side
(3) Defence Concept in The Surrounding Maritime Areas

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