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15-17 March 2023

Makuhari Messe

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DSEI Japan Conference 2019


Technologies and Overseas Transfer of Defence Technologies - Hosted by the Institute for Future Engineering (IFENG)

19 Nov 2019
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西山 淳一 (Mr Junichi Nishiyama), 公益財団法人 未来工学研究所 政策調査分析センター 研究参与 - Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Future Engineering
長尾 賢 (Dr Satoru Nagao), ハドソン研究所研究員 - Visiting Fellow, Hudson Institute
Yu Koizumi, Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology - The University of Tokyo
James M Bodner, Co-President, Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (USA) - The Cohen Group
Llyr Jones, Executive Director - Strategy - UKDSC
Martijn Rasser, Senior Fellow, Technology and National Security Program - Centre for a new American Security