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15-17 March 2023

Makuhari Messe

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DSEI Japan Conference 2019


Technologies and Overseas Transfer of Defence Technologies - Hosted by the Institute for Future Engineering (IFENG)

19 Nov 2019
Stream 2

The Impact of Emerging Technology to Japan's Security and Diplomacy

With the dramatic development of science and technology, today's security environment has changed rapidly. The development of private-sector technology is particularly remarkable. The continued proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and robot technology is driving a siesmic transformation of security. In addition to the three domains (land, sea, and air), Space, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic spectrum should be considered as multi-domain operations.

In this session, we will invite international experts to discuss the threats and challenges for Japan, and the impact of technological innovation on diplomacy and security, hearing the efforts of the United States, Europe, India and others.

This session will be co-sponsored with the Institute for Future Engineering.


Opening Session 13:15-14:15  
Opening Remarks (10min) Mr. Junichi Nishiyama, Senior Research Fellow, IFENG
Keynote Speech A (25min) Dr. Hirokazu Hokazono, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Defense
Scientist, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency, Ministry of
Keynote Speech B(25min) Dr. William Schneider Jr., Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute / former Under
Secretary of State (USA)
Break (15 min)  
Main Session 14:30-16:05
Chaired by Mr. Junichi Nishiyama
Presentation A (10 min) Mr. James M. Bodner, Co-President, The Cohen Group / former Deputy
Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (USA)
Presentation B (10 min) Dr. Satoru Nagao, Visiting Fellow, Hudson Institute
Presentation C (10 min) Dr. Llyr Jones, Executive Director Strategy, UK Defense Solutions Center
Presentation D (10 min) Mr. Yu Koizumi, Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced
Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
Presentation E (10 min) Mr. Martijn Rasser, Senior Fellow, Technology and National Security
Program, Center for a New American Security (USA)
Discussion/Q&A (45 min) All Panelists & Floor
Wrap-up Session 16:05-16:15  
Wrap-up (10min) Mr. Junichi Nishiyama, Senior Research Fellow, IFENG




西山 淳一 (Mr Junichi Nishiyama), 公益財団法人 未来工学研究所 政策調査分析センター 研究参与 - Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Future Engineering
外園 博一 (Dr Hirokazu Hokazono), 防衛装備庁技監 - Deputy Commissioner and Chief Defense Scientist, ATLA
William Schneider Jr., Senior Fellow, Former Under Secretary of State (USA) - Hudson Institute