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15-17 March 2023

Makuhari Messe

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DSEI Japan Conference 2019


Responding to airborne threats: strengthening air and missile defence capability

19 Nov 2019
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Japan is an island surrounded by the ocean. Considering the geographic location of Japan,  freedoms of navigation and overflight are mandatory to ensure its stability and prosperity. This session will particularly focus on the freedom of the air.

Several points will be touched upon, such as: what kind of aerial threats (ABT/missile/drones) are to be expected in the future? How should we respond to these threats? What active (detection sensors, ships, aircraft fighters, missiles etc.) and passive (protection, recovery, etc.) defence and command/control (network) capabilities should be built? How should cooperation with other countries be considered? What kind of cooperation is necessary between Japan and United-States, considering the alliance between the two countries? What should be their duties? What about the cooperation with US-partners such as UK or Australia?

岩﨑 茂 (Retired General Shigeru Iwasaki), 元統合幕僚長 - Former Chief of Staff, Joint Staff Vice-Chairman, DSEI Executive Committee
長島 純 (Lt-Gen Jun Nagashima, JASDF Retired), 元航空自衛隊幹部学校長 - Former Commandant, Air Staff College
Hawk Carlisle (4* USAF Retd), President & CEO - National Defense Industrial Association
Daniel Storr, Head of Acquisition Combat Air - RAF