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15-17 March 2023

Makuhari Messe

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DSEI Japan Conference 2019


Combating Threats of the New Era: Measures against Cyber

19 Nov 2019
Stream 1

Nearly 10 years have passed since cyberspace was recognized as the fifth strategy area. Meanwhile, cybercrime, cyber espionage, and cyber-attack techniques have evolved and become more sophisticated. State actors and non-state actors are complicated, and attribution is not easy.

The outline of the new defence plan in Japan, which was decided by the Cabinet in December 2018, was to aim for the construction of multi-dimensional integrated defence capability corresponding to multi-domain operations. In this session, we will focus on the national actors and examine the measures to be taken by national defence authorities and intelligence agencies.


土屋 大洋 (Dr Motohiro Tsuchiya), 慶應義塾大学総合政策学部長、教授 - Dean and professor of Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University
時藤 和夫 (Major General Kazuo Tokito (JASDF Ret.)), 航空自衛隊幹部学校客員研究員 - Visiting Fellow of JASDF Air Command And Staff College
宮本 昭彦 (Mr Akihiko Miyamoto), 防衛装備庁官房審議官 - Assistant Commissioner, ATLA
Cartan McLaughlin, CEO - Nihon Cyber Defence