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Military Logistics (Combat service support, Supply) "The posture of Military-Civilian Relations in Each Country"

17 Mar 2023

Logistics is important for the Self-Defense Forces in responding to future warfighting and in maintaining its combat capability. Considering the current situation of the SDF, it is important to "build an integrated defense force" by utilizing and collaborating with private sector power such as the defense industry in order to expand all the capabilities and functions the nation possesses. In this conference, in order to further promote the establishment of logistics infrastructure and joint logistics systems, experts from each country will introduce the military-civilian relationship, identify the differences from Japan and discuss the knowledge on matters necessary for the integration of the military and civilian sectors.

長島 純 (Lt-Gen Jun Nagashima, JASDF Retired), 元航空自衛隊幹部学校長 - Former Commandant, Air Command and Staff College

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