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21 - 23 MAY 2025

DSEI Japan 2023 Conference


Advanced Defense Technologies: Research & Development "Efforts to acquire and incorporate innovative technologies"

15 Mar 2023

Today, the strengthening of defense capabilities has become a top priority for countries around the world. This requires the development and introduction of powerful defense equipment, thus the acquisition of innovative leading-edge technologies is key.

Innovative equipment can transform the overall combat scene and give an advantage in battle. Therefore, each country is promoting its defense technology policy, including budgetary allocations, in order to acquire advanced technologies. In particular, emerging technologies such as AI, quantum technology, drone technology, and biotechnology, or new technologies related to outer space, cyber warfare, and electromagnetic waves, which are called new domains, are of great importance.

On the other hand, new materials and devices that support these new technologies or new fields of technology are also very important. Each country has announced the technologies to be emphasized and the strategies or policies for incorporating these technologies. For example, the U.S. published its Strategy for National Security Science and Technology in February of this year, which seeks to promote the incorporation of 14 important advanced technologies.

The UK has also announced its commitment to defense science and technology in 2022. Furthermore, Australia is making great efforts to adopt new technologies. In Japan, the Defense Technology Strategy has been formulated to strengthen advanced technologies. The conference will feature panelists from the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Japan. The panelists will discuss the state of technology policy in their countries as well as exchange opinions with the moderator and the audience.


Contents of Discussion:

  • Technologies that are considered most important by the panelists from each country and the reasons for their importance
  • When and how will advanced technologies change the battlefield?
  • What do you think of advanced technologies in China and Russia?
  • What are your thoughts on the necessity of cooperation among allies and partner countries?
  • Q&A session from the audience
渡辺 秀明 (Dr Hideaki Watanabe), 初代防衛装備庁長官 - Former Commissioner of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency, Ministry of Defense