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15-17 March 2023

Makuhari Messe

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Conference Information

Conference Information

Thank you for your interest in the DSEI Japan 2023 conference, we'll be in touch soon with further details. Below you can find general information on the conference.


Held in Tokyo, the DSEI Japan conference will examine the key issues faced by the countries of the Indo-Pacific region as they work to promote stabilization and cooperation between nations.

With a record-breaking increase in the Japanese defence budget, Japan’s engagement with external partners is set to increase dramatically. The revitalisation of their military forces, bringing them to the forefront regional capabilities, necessitates greater communication with international trading partners. It also poses significant challenges around achieving operational capability in key areas, and ensuring interoperability with existing platforms and allies.

Responding to this new growth, DSEI Japan 2023 will examine the challenges of delivering security in Asia and its surrounding waters. This encompasses alliances and cooperation both within the region and further afield.



Conference Overview

The conference will examine the most pressing security challenges to nations and militaries of the Indo-Pacific, and how we can develop and deploy emerging technologies to attain and maintain a competitive edge in defence capability.

Discussions will also consider how developments in established technologies are forging new ways of employing capabilities with the more traditional disciplines of missile defence and maritime strategy. This includes an assessment of modular design and deployment of capability, the balance of investment in new/replacement programmes, the fit-for-purpose status and resiliency of existing platforms to meet the harsh reality of the future operating environment.

These challenges are not unique to the Indo-Pacific, and the development of deeper alliances with Southeast Asia and Europe is vital for enabling cost-effective and efficient solutions. There is much to be gained from technological exchange, but challenges remain on how to effectively do business with Japanese companies on an international stage. 

This is an unprecedented time for the Japanese defence industry, an industry primed and ready to surge to the forefront of the global defence trade. Led by the Executive Committee, consisting of many of those responsible for the opening of these commerce channels, this conference represents an unmissable opportunity to discover how global industry can capitalise on these developments.

  • These are important issues and it was a pleasure to be able to participate; my thanks to you for the opportunity.
    Rear Admiral Robert Girrier
    President – Pacific Forum
  • I truly enjoyed it. Nicely done the entire event.
    General Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle
    President & CEO – National Defence Industrial Association
  • I believe the event was immensely successful. The fact that it was the first DSEI held outside England speaks for itself. I also hope the organizers and the key members of the conference found the discussion as stimulating and valuable as I did.
    Go Hashimoto
    Registered Foreign Lawyer - Atsumi & Sakai
  • I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to attend DSEI-Japan. The world-class speakers provided invaluable comments and observations on numerous vital topics, ensuring every attendee left the conference armed with critical knowledge. I look forward to the next DSEI and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.
    Captain Nick Millward
    Infantry Officer, United States Marine Corps
  • I very much benefited and enjoyed my experience at DSEI Japan. The conference included excellent speakers in a well-organized set of panels and the industry floor had an impressive array of representatives. I came away smarter on the issues and with an invaluable stack of new contacts!
    John Bradford
    President, Yokosuka Council on Asia-Pacific Studies
  • DSEI brought industry, policy, and strategic leaders together in a collaborative forum to discuss regional security issues, for the first time in Japan. This was a pivotal event, signalling Japan as a leader in defense technology and security partnership. Certainly, more events like this will occur as the 'Pacific Century' unfolds and Japan grows into its role as a pillar of regional stability.
    Tim Haffner
    J54 Strategic Relations Officer, US Forces Japan

What To Expect

The DSEI Japan 2019 Conference featured 45 world-leading experts from 11 countries and attracted nearly 1,400 delegates with over 20 hours of content across 3 days. 68% of those surveyed said they would definitely attend future editions of the conference.

DSEI Japan is a peer reviewed conference. Technical, policy and conceptual papers from across the research and development community are represented, along with those from the defence and security military and other user communities. 

Sessions will be presented in both Japanese and English, with dual translation available.





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