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Call for papers

Held in Tokyo, the DSEI Japan conference will consider the key issues faced by the countries of the Indo-Pacific region as they work to promote stabilization and cooperation between nations.

DSEI Japan 2019 will examine the challenges of delivery security in Asia and its surrounding waters. This encompasses alliances and cooperation both within the region and with Europe. The conference will examine how new and emerging technologies may be deployed particularly within the disciplines of space and cyber warfare. This includes an update on regional defensive and offensive capabilities within these domains, an assessment of available countermeasures, and critical lines of development for cyber and data-enabled capability that will shape future warfare strategies.

Papers that address developments in these areas that will have an impact on the demands and provision of defence and security capability are sought. In addition papers that discuss recent or proposed experiments with commercially available or novel technologies will be welcomed at DSEI Japan 2019.

DSEI Japan conference

Paper submissions will be welcomed until close of business 28th June 2019. Please ensure you have completed your submission before the deadline, as late submissions will not be considered.

The DSEI Japan conference will feature two streams organised around the four core themes of:

  • Combating threats of the new era: measures against space, cyber, and electronic warfare
  • Responding to airborne threats: strengthening air and missile defence capability
  • The freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region: maintaining and enhancing free and open maritime order
  • Technologies and overseas transfer of defence equipment

DSEI Japan is a peer reviewed conference. Technical, policy and concept development papers from across the research and development community are welcomed, along with those from the defence and security military and other user communities. Presentations or papers that are focused solely on the promotion of a product or service are considered inappropriate; papers that promote the unique technical or conceptual aspects of new products, products in development, or services are considered appropriate.

Papers are welcomed in both Japanese and English, and the conference will be presented in both languages with dual translation available.


Who can make a submission?

Any defence professional in the defence and security sector.

Am I guaranteed a speaking slot?

There is no guarantee that any submissions will be successful.

Can the talk be a product or service sales pitch?

No. Sales orientated presentations will not be accepted.

How are the talks reviewed and selected?

The submissions are reviewed by the content and editorial teams to ensure that the presentations that offer the greatest value to the delegates are selected. if your submission is accepted, the Content Manager reserves the right to edit your title and outline for style, consistency and accuracy.

Can I choose when my session will be?

The Content Manager will allocate the timing of the talks – we will make every effort to allocate talks to a time that is suitable to your schedule, however this is subject to change as the agenda develops.

Does it cost to speak?

There is no cost to submit or speak at the event.

How to write a strong topic title

Your topic title is not just an indicator of what you plan to present – it’s also a key way to hook your audience. It will be used in marketing collateral to promote your session, and listed on the agendas sent to potential audience members.

Here are a couple of tips for making your title as strong as possible.

1 – Give it punch

Make it memorable and engaging. You can make a pun, if your audience appreciates that sort of tone. Alliteration is always appealing. If applicable, use specifics such as stats or case studies that indicate you will be discussing something real and practical, rather than vague generalities.

Here are a few examples:

  • Cutting us some Slack: acquiring data from cloud collaboration tools
  • Detecting, deterring and disrupting terror threats to the USA
  • Lessons learned from the Salisbury Novichok incident

2 – Consider the format

There are a number of different ways to frame your presentation. Are you addressing a major problem in the industry? Make your title the question everyone is struggling with. Are you outlining a practical approach to an issue? A ‘how to’ title indicates that.

Here are a few examples:

  • Security is an illusion – where are your invisible vulnerabilities?
  • How to fight back against phishing
  • 12 steps to control IoT devices

3 – Hook your audience

The audience has options for how to spend their time. They could be networking, grabbing a coffee, or even listening to a different presentation in another stream. We will steer them towards you, but you can help by ensuring your title is attractive. Remember to ask: “so what?” Give your audience a reason to care about your presentation – specifically, how it could help them in their work.

Here are a few examples:

  • Improving compliance in order to minimise incidents
  • Preparing for virus pandemics and reducing reaction time
  • Leveraging AI-led tools to enhance investigations for CT Policing


NB: Our producers are always happy to discuss how to make your topic title as strong as it can be. We may come back to you with some suggestions, and ask you to remember that these are for your benefit as well as ours. We thank you for your consideration and flexibility.

How to complete the submission form

Section 1: Submitter details

The main contact person from your organisation we will liaise with regarding the submission.

Section 2: Speaker Details

Full contact details are required for the speakers. If you do not provide direct contact details for the speaker(s) it will be assumed that the speaker has not consented to participate and the submission will not be considered. We will contact the speaker directly if the submission is successful.

Section 3: Session details

Provide as much depth as possible and use the full word limit. Ensure that the title of the session clearly shows what the session will cover and ensure the title highlights the benefits of the session for the audience. Provide an interesting, engaging and informative outline of the session.

Section 1 - Submitter details

Please complete the form below to submit a paper for consideration at DSEI Japan 2019. By submitting the form, you are indicating your consent to be contacted by our team regarding your interest in the event. 

Clarion Events Group (Clarion Defence and Security Ltd.) take your privacy very seriously. We will only ever use the information we collect or receive about you in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions regarding your submission, please contact Japan@dsei-japan.com

The key contact is the main contact person who we will liaise with regarding queries about the submission and whether the submission has been successful or unsuccessful.